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Assurance Savings and Loans has a mission to provide convenient access to efficient innovative and responsive financial services to the Small and Micro Enterprise Sector on a sustainable basis for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.
Assurance Savings and Loans Company Ltd has been consistent in building a differentiating brand through its superior services and irresistible customer support. As a customer-centered institution, Assurance Savings and Loans cherishes the service of providing broad range of accessible financial solutions to its customers in a timely manner and at optimum convenience.
This is an upgraded version of the Fixed Term Deposit. This short term investment product which enables you to earn more yield than a regular deposit account. The yield is based on interest rates for fixed tenures of 30, 60, 90 or 180 days. In addition, it can be used as security against borrowing from the Bank. It is good
news for borrowers who are not able to raise collateral for credit facilities for both business and personal purposes. This is a Term Deposit product with premium features. It is a high yielding account which allows Investors to top-up the funds already invested. The FTDP is for Priority Fund Investors. Rates are negotiable depending on the amount invested.

When we execute with excellence, success
naturally follows. We provide world-class
service and innovative product solutions
and are personally accountable for
delivering results and maintaining the
highest quality. We respect each other,
value diversity and work as a team
to meet our goals. We value our people,
encourage their development and reward
their performance. We are good citizens
in our communities.
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